Come celebrate the end of another wonderful summer season in the Shire of Owlsherst!  Explore some of your favorite topics!  Classes in many areas are offered:  Fiber Arts, Culinary Arts, Calligraphy and Illumination, Combat Arts (including actual fighting this year!).  We are also hoping to have more day-long demonstrations set up for you to peruse and talk with the demonstrators through out the day as their projects develop.

There will be a Arts and Sciences Display so please bring all items you would like to share with others.  This is a good way to get feedback.

In addition, all can gather in the main hall to visit and share stories from summer events (Social Arts).  Bring an item or two to work on, or just hang out in the hall.  There is available space for Vendors, and it’s a good low-pressure way to re-purpose items you may no longer want that are related To The Dream.

A hearty Day Board will be provided from Mistress Linette de Gallardon and the Owlsherst Cook’s Guild.  Alas this is a dry site.  Please contact her with any menu questions.

Schola Dayboard menu

(all items tentative and subject to change)

V = Vegetarian
Veg = Vegan
GF = Gluten Free

L’ait d’Amandes (Almond Milk Soup) (V, GF)
Savoury Tosted Cheese with Aspargus and Bacon (GF)
Spinach Pasties
Pyes of Flesch & Chykons
Torte of Herbs, Eggs & Cheese (V)
Pie of Parma (Pork & Chicken pie)
Mustard Eggs (V, GF)
Balsamic Eggs (V, GF)
Syseros (Chickpea puree) (Veg, GF)
Fresh vegetables (Veg, GF)
Fresh fruit (Veg, GF)
Pickles (Veg, GF)
Breads (Veg)
cheese (V, GF)
butter (V, GF)
Fruit Juice

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