Welcome to the Shire of Owlsherst Archery program

In conjunction with our neighbors to the north (the Shire of the Blak Rose) and the east (the Shire of Silver Rylle) we have a very active archery program. Between the Shires we practice at least twice a week (sometimes 3 times) at various locations weather permitting.

And in the winter we hold bi-weekly practices indoors at Gander Mountain in Harrisburg.

As well as practice we compete at archery competitions ranging far and wide and through the East Kingdom “Royal Rounds” program you can match your scores against archers from all over the kingdom.

But we also have a lot of fun. At recent events we have had novelty shoots at wands, small ground targets, shields of “enemy” shires and a moving Viking long ship.

The Shires between them boast a bevy of fine Marshals and very experienced archers who are willing to help you with your form, gain proficiency at your craft, to teach you to make arrows and strings and just generally have a good time.

Don’t have a bow of your own, well don’t worry, we have plenty of loaner equipment for you to use.

So come on out an play, who knows, you might just be the Champion Archer we are looking for to help use defend the honor of the Shire and the Kingdom.

For more information, please contact Lord Wulfram or Robert the Tall

Bi-Weekly Archery Practice