In the SCA, the Arts and Sciences are about recreating and researching the visual arts, crafting, and performing arts; from calligraphy and painting to building a trebuchet, from weaving to glassblowing.

Research includes how to duplicate the medieval look and feel with modern materials as well as discovery and use of materials from within the period.

Many events feature classes and there are some events, such as Scholas and Universities, that are dedicated to classes. Classes are free to audit, but may have a fee for materials or handouts to help the instructor cover their cost.

The weekly Shire gathering (Wednesday evenings) includes use of a room in the meeting venue for Arts & Sciences. You may bring a project to work on, get help from others, or just socialize.

The Cook’s Guild meets on a regular basis. The dates are typically decided during the monthly Populace meeting on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Refer to the calendar for upcoming Cook’s Guild dates.

You may contact the Minister of Arts and Sciences to request more information about a specific discipline or the Arts & Sciences in general.

Once-a-month A&S sessions on Saturdays. These sessions are 4 hours long and take place in the same location as the weekly Shire gathering. A&S Saturdays are unstructured and you may bring any project you’d like (within reason – don’t expect to pitch a batch of mead on-site). You can also expect to find some knowledgeable people present who can answer questions or help you find and contact an expert. Please check the calendar for upcoming A&S Saturday dates.